Q: What happens if you use a Ouija board with a dog or cat?

A: You get replies like “Lick your butt” ouija.jpgand “Eat that dead mouse NOW!”

A: Meow meow portals to hell meow meow. —Henrietta Pussycat

A: Do it. Your dog can talk to his Paw that way.

A: Cats would be be great at using a Ouija board. They’d bat that little thingamagig all over the board like a hockey puck.

A: A lot of old producers are going to freak when Lassie starts revealing what he had to do to get all those good roles.

A: A cat will get bored with it inside of two minutes. A dog will eat the pointer.

A: Captain Howdy wants his walkies. —Regan

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