The How and Why of Life and Death

Heard a very moving commentary on NPR last night. A guy named Kevin Kling, who apparently is pretty well known (though I’ve never heard of him), told a fascinating story. It starts with him learning how to use voice-recognition software after a motorcycle accident, and ends up with Dante and the things in our lives that haunts us all—some that we’re born with, and others that we create through the choices we make.

It’s particularly interesting because he concludes with the notion that he’s been living with one foot in two worlds for some time now—rather the same idea that many of us who are interested in shamanism have come to.

Click this link to listen to the story. After you do, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the segment.

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2 thoughts on “The How and Why of Life and Death

  1. My first thought is, “I’m incredibly glad NPR now allows the use of something other than RealPlayer.”

    This guy is famous? Man, I gotta get on NPR.

  2. indigo bunting

    Very cool.

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