Your Fantasy Dinner Party Guest List

You and seven guests.
They must be alive as of this writing.
Who would you invite?

I’ll tell you my selections after you all tell me yours.

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8 thoughts on “Your Fantasy Dinner Party Guest List

  1. Ann Margret (no substitutes)
    Lulu (if unavailable, Lou Reed or Lou Grant or maybe even Louise Lasser)
    Dionne Warwick (if unavailable or if she needs a date: Dion (“The Wanderer”, “Ruby Baby” etc.)
    Patti Smith (if unavailable, Pat Robertson for inevitable food fight)
    Al Gore (if unavailable, a resurrected Edward Gorey)
    Gore Videl (to mix the Bloody Marys, his favourite drink)
    Lesley Gore (hey, it’s my party)

  2. Funny, as Gore Vidal is on my list.

    Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, Director of the Centre for Brain and Cognition at the University of California

    Yoyo Ma

    Alan Lightman, PhD in Physics and Literature. I will attempt not to poison him.

    Marge Piercey. If she is unavailable, Thomas Keneely.

    Pete Seeger

    The Dalaia Lama. If he can’t make it, Sogyal Rinpoche

    It’s gonna be an interesting dinner.

  3. Alice Walker

    Paul McCartney

    Alan Alda

    Gloria Steinem

    Mel Brooks

    Idina Menzel (lead in “Wicked”)


    Definitely an interesting dinner.

  4. People with whom I HAVE broken bread with might have ended up on the list. In a way, I think that is even more interesting. Who would I knock that I might have once popped on?

    Starhawk. Yup. Broke Bread with Miriam. She just kept asking, over and over, why she is followed by such flakes. Why?

    Margo Adler. Lunch, not dinner, but still. That’s not the best part. Singing Broadway tunes with her. Still not the best part. Pretending to be Hypnotoad while she attempted to teach a chant class, THAT was the best part. When I added the sound effects (WOoWOoWOoWOo) Valerie bit me. Actually Bit me! Look, you can still see the marks. Closer . . . there. See?

    Rabbi Micheal Lerner. Dinner. Not as much fun as you might think.

    Nine months from Tibet? I’d do THAT again, and again and again.

    I once gave Don McLean aspirin. Told him how much I liked American Pie when it came out and that I sang it all through second grade. He just shook his head, said he felt old.

    I knocked Lisa Loeb over is a stairwell at a radio station in Gainesville. She had lots of guitar picks. It took a while to pick them all up. Later on I found one in my hand. How did that get there?

    I saw Leonard Nimoy, next to me, at a stop light in Delray. Red light stop. Green light go.

    I looked all over Tribeca for Woody. I think he was hiding.

  5. I spoke to Katharine Hepburn on the telephone once, does that count?

  6. Anything involving Katharine Hepburn counts. Twice, I think.

  7. indigo bunting

    At the risk of not including too many famous people, this is the list I came up with today, driving along, listening to the Astrud Gilberto CD you gave me:

    You (especially if you recite Coward’s “Marvelous Party”)

    The Elusive Triumvirate of Witty Canadian Bloggers: Deloney, Helen, and Maureen

    Susan, another blogger, who seems to have known everyone in New York

    Brad Prouty (because, as you know, he’s great at a dinner party)

    and, OK,

    Margaret Cho.

    How’s that?

  8. Love everyone’s choices.

    I’m of two minds on this (fancy that!). If it were just “regular folk,” I think it would be, in alphabetical order, Adamus, Bradford, Deloney, Indigo, Jennie, LCM, Centre of the Known Universe, and Tim. And I’ve never even met Deloney or LCM.

    If the dinner were to be comprised of more celebrity-ish guests, I think perhaps:

    Stan Grof
    Johnny Depp
    Holly Hunter
    John Waters
    Anthony Bourdain
    Barry Lopez, William Least Heat Moon, or Farley Mowat, whichever one RSVPs first
    and Barry Moser.

    A true fantasy dinner? All of the above, the famous and the no-names, with Thomas Keller doing the cooking (he can join us at table after he finishes supervising his sous-chefs in the kitchen).

    Music: Argentine Tango music (primarily Carlos Gardel and Astor Pizzola, but with a little Gotan Project thrown in for good measure); when we get tired of that, Fats Waller

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