The Inclusive Bible

I am pleased to announce that The Inclusive Bible: The First Egalitarian Translation, my single-volume biblenon-sexist translation of the Bible with a new scholarly commentary, has been published by Sheed & Ward and is now available from

It is a completely new translation of the Bible from the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and koiné Greek into richly poetic, non-sexist, and non-classist modern English.

If you’re interested in reading a few pages of the translation and commentary, here is a PDF (320 KB) of The Twelve, the “minor prophets” or Trei Asar.

To say I am proud of this accomplishment is an extraordinary understatement. I hope you enjoy it.

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16 thoughts on “The Inclusive Bible

  1. Helen

    Wow, congratulations! How long did that take you?

  2. It was originally published in four separate volumes between 1994 and 2004, though the translation actually began as early as 1991. The volumes were revised and new scholarly commentary was written in 2006-2007, with this single-volume version being released just this month.

    Take a look at the linked PDF to get a feel for the translation and the commentary. The commentary, in particular, honors many different religious traditions and perspectives, and owes a great debt to Jungian psychology as well.

  3. Totally, utterly awesome! When I find the kopeks, I shall be asking for a copy signed.

  4. I am not worthy to know you!

    Who or what are Priests for Equality?

  5. PFE is, or was, a Catholic organization working for the full inclusion of women at all levels of the church. They’re a project of the Quixote Center, though PFE’s leader has retired and his second-in-command has moved on, so they’re not sure the project will continue much further.

    Back in the 1980s, PFE started the Inclusive Language Project, resetting the church lectionary readings in non-sexist language because they felt that God-language was one of the biggest barriers to women (and at the time, it was certainly a major step). And since I had already worked on an inclusive lectionary for the Episcopalians, they were glad to have me on board. This grew into wanting to do a full translation of the Bible.

    Basically, I translated all the text, wrote all the scholarly commentary, and designed the book and did the page layout. I get a small credit on page vii.

  6. indigo bunting

    I can translate stuff if I have the right decoder ring, but it usually takes a long time.

  7. I dips me lid.

  8. p.s. for the enabling constraint google Oulipo……

  9. Evanne

    Congrats! What an amazing accomplishment!

  10. quithappy

    Congratulations! That’s a noble pursuit, and a great accomplishment. You should be proud.

  11. Owain Fox

    Very nice. I shall look into acquiring a copy . Excellent work, until Saturday my friend…

  12. Looking forward to it…

  13. I very much enjoyed your translation. I blogged a review here. Although my review has only been up for a few hours, quite a few people have told me that they now plan to buy your translation.

    Well good for you! I hope it is a big success. It deserves to be well-known and widely read.

  14. Donna s.

    I would love to be able to purchase a downloadable copy to my motorola droid for being able to read on-the-go. Any ideas when such a downloadble pdf copy might become available?

  15. I’m not involved with the publisher’s decisions on this. they’ve recently come out with a paperback version, but I don’t know if they have any plans to distribute digital versions. Frankly, I think the layout and large number of footnotes would make reading in a small device rather difficult.

  16. Hi, Craig, I love The Inclusive Bible. We need more Bible resources such as this. Currently I’m working with a team of editors on a Divine Feminine Version of the New Testament that images Godde in primarily feminine terms. We’d love to hear your feedback and compare notes. Our work is available at

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