If It’s December, This Must Be Sedaris

In years past, I’ve circulated among my email friends and acquaintances—or rather, re-circulated—one of my favorite holiday essays, David Sedaris’s “Six to Eight Black Men,” which was originally written for Esquire Magazine. Last year I posted it here.

This year I found that someone made a YouTube video of it, sort of. The soundtrack is Sedaris doing a live reading of the story (slightly updated from the print version, which is interesting for editor-types like me who like to see how essays can be improved with a little judicious snipping or amplification or the change of a single word here or there), while the video is a compilation of rather interesting stills and film snippets that quite nicely illustrate Sedaris’s narrative.

It was broken into three parts to satisfy YouTube’s length requirements, so there are are a few seconds of overlap between the three sections, but I think you can forgive its flaws. It’s that much fun.

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One thought on “If It’s December, This Must Be Sedaris

  1. Helen

    Oh, I love it. Another story to share with the nephews this Christmas.

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