Are You Immodest?

Margaret White, the psycho mother of Stephen King’s Carrie, immortalized in the film by the ever-wonderful Piper Laurie, has this wonderful/creepy speech in the middle of the movie in which she describes the night Carrie was conceived:

I should’ve killed myself when he put it in me. After the first time, before we were married, Ralph promised never again. He promised, and I believed him. But sin never dies. Sin never dies. At first, it was all right. We lived sinlessly. We slept in the same bed, but we never did it. And then, that night, I saw him looking down at me that way. We got down on our knees to pray for strength. I smelled the whiskey on his breath. Then he took me. He took me, with the stink of filthy roadhouse whiskey on his breath, and I liked it. I liked it! With all that dirty touching of his hands all over me. I should’ve given you to God when you were born, but I was weak and backsliding, and now the devil has come home. We’ll pray.

One of the things Carrie’s mama was upset about was how her prom gown let the boys glimpse her “dirty pillows.” Clearly she would have benefited from one of the more modest clothing lines now being marketed to women. (Odd how it’s never men who are immodestly putting their wares on display, isn’t it?)

Here, for example, is a line of bathing suits from a company called WholesomeWear. Their Culotte Swimmer, which is apparently styled after turn-of-the-(20th)-century “bathing costumes,” is “modest swimwear for the more active swimmer. This design has a body fitting undergarment made of Spandex for maximum flexibility. And the looser fitting taslan scoop-necked romper outer garment gives a stylish modest look.”

Then there’s, marketed primarily to Orthodox Jews, for that fashionable Old World look. Now you too can look like a Fiddler on the Roof cast member! Of course, many gentiles likewise feel that a woman in a pantsuit is too slutty for words (I guess they won’t be voting for Hillary). Here is one testimonial from the site:

I am a Roman Catholic mother of three children who is trying to follow (largely-ignored) Church teachings regarding modesty and purity. But I don’t want to look “frumpy” or like I live on the prairie! So even though I am not an Orthodox Jew, I know your site is one that I can “count on” for high-quality, feminine modest apparel. Keep up the good work, and I am looking forward to seeing everything stocked again!

Not everyone is quite as pleased, however. Sara from Missouri thinks their designs still aren’t wholesome enough:

I feel that this skirt is rather immodest for a site that praises itself for its modesty. It is quite high slit and I feel it exposes much too much of my legs. I feel as if people are judging me as a promiscuous woman when I wear this skirt. Also for the price of 20 dollars you do not receive nearly enough material for it to be worth the price. Although I do love the hints of classic wear of latter days in the rodeo theme.

I suggest that Sara check out Handmaid of the Lord Designs:

A man who is looking for a mate who is pure in her heart and serving God with her life would be drawn to one who dresses with modesty in mind. Her clothes would not draw attention to her chest or her buttocks or her legs, because the young woman who chooses clothes to please the Lord wants to direct others to Jesus and His love. Our faces are to be the focal point in what we wear. Some heave found scarves to be great tools for drawing attention to the face. They allow you to use lots of creativity in the choice of colors and the way you tie them around the neck. Of course, scarves would not be appropriate for every occasion. A short necklace can also be the perfect piece to complete an outfit. There is an array of broaches and pins for sale today, which can be used with a dressy outfit or a casual one. You would wear these pieces near your face. If they, or any other eye-catching accessory, is worn some place other than near the face, it will cause people’s eyes to be drawn away from your face. Keeping this in mind, you can see how patterned hose, or excessive decorations on shoes can be distracting to the eyes. Even wearing clothing that is too loose or too tight will work against the testimony a young woman can have among the people around her.

So, now check out your wardrobe at home. Does it reflect that of one who has dedicated herself to a life of purity to Christ? Adjust some outfits to make them modest. Throw away others, which cannot be made better. Add those garments, which would help build a more Christ-like testimony to your wardrobe. Ask the Lord to guide you and provide clothes that would honor Him. He will bless your efforts.

Personally, I’ve just ordered the Extended Slimming version of the WholesomeWear swimsuit. Although it does concern me that my ankles will still show. You know how men are.

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12 thoughts on “Are You Immodest?

  1. I have bookmarked these sites for my daughter, whose dresses I will be buying from Tsunis from now on, even though she has been out on her own for nearly six years, and for my friend Val, who needs more modesty, I do feel. It will go well with the chastity belt.

    I think Lee needs some of these as well. Do they make modest scrubs? Or is a female doctor, in itself, too immodest?

    Come to think of it, from now on, people should be treated in the practice fully clothed. We’d better increase the gauge of the needles so they’ll go through the clothing.

    Now, for massage, is it the same if the person is fully clothed as if I were to do the massage blindfolded? I would not want to see anything I shouldn’t, knowing it would affect the gal’s chances of getting into heaven even if it was me doing the seeing.

    Does Tsunis have a men’s line? I am so desperately tired of so many women following me home. Though, in truth, some are these for Lee. Poor girl can’t make it out of a lesbian bookstore without three offers for dates and at least one marriage proposal. She REALLY needs to babushka it up!

    Being righteous is such hard work.

  2. A female doctor is not immodest, unless she dresses like a slut (that is to say, wears pants—men’s clothing!—and doesn’t keep her head covered). However, a female doctor is by definition an abomination to the Lord, for she has left her place of submission to her husband.

    Yes, your massage clients should be fully clothed, and you should use gloves so that your flesh doesn’t directly touch the garment that touches her flesh.

    Tsunis does not have a men’s line. Men need no alteration. Modesty is solely a woman’s concern. I think you are right to properly train your daughter now, so that she doesn’t shame herself or her family by being worldly. In fact, she should move back in with you until she gets married….

  3. Thinks thou I need a bit more modesty???? ‘Tis SO time-consuming trying to righteously hide my dirty pillows. And what’s wrong with pole dancing for Jesus? And what’s so ungodly about my pentacle-adorned thong that reads “Worship Here”? Oh, yeah, wait–that wasn’t Jesus that night, that was Pan. Forgetful me.

  4. indigo bunting

    Sigh. I’m afraid I just have dirty throw pillows.

  5. Yours are detachable?

  6. Damn, that would be handy for jogging!

  7. indigo bunting

    My throw pillows, which actually aren’t detachable but simply the size of throw pillows, would be fine for jogging, if that were something I would ever do.

  8. indigo bunting

    TapWitch: Hey, aren’t you the one who went to Stonington High School? (I remember linking to your blog in the distant past through Craig.) I think that’s my mother’s alma mater.

  9. Throw pillows, Indigo? Really? I’d say more like potpourri sachets.

  10. indigobunting

    See? I was trying to think of the right-sized pillow. And you’re right there for me, my friend.

  11. Oh dear, I have little to say about modest clothing, but having come to the end of the very interesting comments, I see my name; therefore I post.

  12. Indigo–Yes, yes I did go to Stonington. When was your mom there?

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