Just Sayin’

I know I badmouth Florida. A lot. The endless heat, the exhausting humidity, the whitebread “culture,” etc. I’ve said that one of the few pleasures down here is the wildlife, especially the birds.

But the thunder that moments ago shook our house and rattled our windows reminded me what a sincere pleasure it is to live so close (relatively speaking) to Cape Canaveral.

I get to watch every NASA launch from my front yard. The shuttle rises above the trees in my neighbor’s yard, and curves to the northeast. Occasional night launches are particularly spectacular.

Just now, the returning shuttle created a lovely sonic boom. We turned on the TV and watched it land. Landings aren’t nearly as spectacular, but they are . . . satisfying, somehow.

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2 thoughts on “Just Sayin’

  1. It is one of he perks of living in this area. I was submitting writing and my dog was sleeping on her chair (she has a butterfly chair all her own because we’re nuts) and the windows shook and the cast iron, hanging from the ceiling (so no person over five-four is safe in my home) rattled and clanked. Dusty raised her head and looked at me wondering. I knew what it was. Amazing.

  2. indigo bunting

    Did you just say something not bad about Florida? Who are you, and what have you done with Craig?

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