Deeply Spiritual Inquiry

Tao (pronounded “dow”), as everyone knows, translates roughly to “the Way,” specifically the way water runs downhill, effortlessly, seeking its own level, clear, colorless, unremarkable, yet even the hardest stone cannot stand in its way forever.

Do (pronounced like Homer Simpson’s exclamation, “D’oh!”) is the Japanese form of the same word.

Do is found in lots of different Japanese words. Judo, for example, means “the gentle Way.” Aikido means “the Way of unifying with life energy” or “the Way of harmonious spirit.” Bushido is “the Way of the warrior,” the samurai fighting code.

So here’s my question: would Dodo then be “the Way of being stupid”? If so, I think I’ve found the perfect path for me!

Wait. What if it means “the Way of Becoming Extinct”? Perhaps I need to rethink this.

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5 thoughts on “Deeply Spiritual Inquiry

  1. Jennie

    Maybe it’s the Wayward Way.

    Or perhaps it just means that you’re a pathifist.

  2. indigobunting

    Smiling now.

  3. Amazingly, that brings to mind, for the second time in a week, the quote from Blake.

    But, not wanting to be self-derivitive, I’ll not post it here.

  4. “The fool who persists in his folly will become wise”?

    Certainly doesn’t apply to me. I just get dumber and dumber.

  5. When the word/idea/image of “Tao” is invoked, it is usually with more of an outbreathing sort of energy, as in all things work this way eventually,where the breath flows out in sort of a comtemplative flow, whereas “Doh!” as Herman Simpson exclaims it, seems to me more in the Zen Buddhist experience, more akin to “OH, YOU STUPID SHIT. NO WONDER THAT HAS NEVER WORKED.”

    All water flows downhill, and it does not depend on whether you’re a Zen Buddhist or a Taoist. It’s just the degree of surprise that defines the difference.

    Hey hey.

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