A Speaking Engagement!

If you’re going to be in the area this Sunday, July 13, feel free to drop by the Yogashakti Mission (a Hindu ashram devoted to the study and practice of yoga here in Palm Bay) from 9 to 10 a.m., where I’ve been asked to give a little talk on Jewish-Christian mysticism.

The folks there are warm and articulate, and interested in a wide variety of spiritual and intellectual pursuits. Adam spoke there recently on “Poetry as Power: From Spellcraft to Statecraft,” about the power and place of poetry and rhyme in ancient and modern culture, religion, and politics, and it was an excellent talk. I hope mine will be half as good.

The ashram is a little hard to find, or at least I thought it was. Here’s a map (click the “To Here” link to get turn-by-turn directions from your home), but note that all you’ll find at 3895 Hield Road is a small, unassuming mailbox with the words “Yoga Mission” on it. That’s the driveway. Turn right (north) and follow the winding road through the trees to the main building.

Hope to see you Sunday!

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6 thoughts on “A Speaking Engagement!

  1. indigobunting

    Pout. Wish I could be there.

  2. I was there the day Adam spoke. Yeah, it was so-so. The fact that he managed to be his own Statler AND Waldorf didn’t help. I don’t know if I’d bother going to see him again though.

    Craig is going to be amazingly better than that. I’ll be there for sure.

  3. I don’t know who you were watching, but I thought Adam’s talk was effing brilliant. I’d go hear him read the telephone book.

  4. Speaking of Statler and Waldorf, I found this particularly interesting.

    Then again, I have strange interests.

  5. Were you there the day he opened a show with ten minutes of readings from an accounting text?

    I nearly died. He does have his moments. That poor guy in the front row. I doubt he ever dated again.

  6. No, I missed that one.

    But if his date didn’t like it, he needs to date people with a better sense of humor.

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