I Get the Strangest Emails

It appears that one of the ways spammers attempt to foil spam filters is to have a paragraph of text, sometimes composed at random, along with a link explaining “the way to give her ultimate pleasure.” This one was almost poetically beautiful:

God dag,

Down from loss of consciousness. My mind is turning, and golden complexion, saying “what brings thee be seen behind or to the left of those that have losing your sense of humor.” Not recommend the total abandonment of actions, accepting food from a eunuch, or from an ungrateful king, of settling church government as he shall are duly and continuously uttered. 1475 one should minutemen were only to be one hundred in number, the waiter brought cocktails.

Graham glanced at more powerfully to promote the popularity of the pierced satyaki, with nine arrows. Satyaki, in vrishni, and the andhaka races, lordless now, emotions an instrument that she can use at will. Will be divested of sovereignty, happiness, prosperity.

Almost as felicitous was the name of the sender: Brasington Barnacle!

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2 thoughts on “I Get the Strangest Emails

  1. Jennie

    This reminds me of some of the “Da-Da-ist poetry” generated a few years ago when we were trying to train the Windows voice recognition program to recognize Connor’s voice (young children’s voices apparently have too much variation to do this successfully, at least with the software available then.) As soon as I get the other computer moved in and set up, I’ll post some of it here. It was so interesting we saved it.

  2. indigo bunting

    Well, my goodness.

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