The Woman with Twenty Thousand Dictionaries

A propos of yesterday’s post, a little poem. Poem-ish. Poemishness:

I recently read of a woman who
Lives in a loft
In Lower Manhattan.
She owns twenty thousand

Though Madeline is a bookseller,
The article implied
These twenty thousand
Were the home’s tomes,
Not the store’s store.

She is, at the very least, a
I used to own all of two
The ultra-ultra-condensed
OED, with its own magnifying glass (a
Necessity if there ever was one), and
My beloved
American Heritage.

These days such large volumes are
Too cumbersome, and I’m too lazy,
To heft their heft. Particularly when
The world’s my oyster, and pearls are
Uncovered with keyboards.

I certainly admire Madeline’s
Sticktoitiveness (you might say),
But I worry for her,
Not to mention her downstairs
Neighbors, should she ever get
Twenty thousand and

Many thanks to Adam for the quick nip-and-tuck on it.

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