I Voted Today

Floriduh is doing one thing right: They’re helping more people vote by offering absentee voting to everyone, not just those who are actually going to be out of town on election day. Which is a good thing, because I waited over four hours to vote four years ago, and came thisclose to saying Screw It. Since then, they’ve added an additional polling place in our neighborhood, but I still didn’t relish the crowds, and of course Mom can’t get to the polls anyway. So we signed up for absentee ballots, and they arrived in plenty of time. Over the weekend Mom and I cast our votes, and today I mailed our ballots. I feel so patriotic.

I would appreciate it very much if you would vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden (you might be interested to read what The New Yorker said about him). If you’re in Florida, please vote NO on Amendment 2. And if you’re in Brevard, Indian River, or Osceola Counties, please vote for Stephen Blythe for Congress.

But even if you vote some other way, thus consigning your immortal soul to Hell, you can still get some free ice cream on election day. Yes, Ben & Jerry’s wants to thank you for voting by giving you a free scoop of ice cream! Go to a participating Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop on November 4 between 5 and 8 p.m., show them your “I Voted” sticker, or a photo of you in front of your polling station, or do the “I Voted dance,” or just tell them you voted. Seriously.

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8 thoughts on “I Voted Today

  1. indigobunting

    My parents are going to vote absentee too. I think it’s great. I’m looking forward to election day, though, in our small town.

  2. There’s something immensely satisfying about taking a pencil and marking a ballot, folding it and putting it into a wooden box, the contents of which the town JPs count together as soon as the polls close, and then the news of the results spreads through the town like gossip.

    Filling out a computerized sheet with a marker and putting it into a scanner/tabulator just doesn’t have the same punch.

  3. indigobunting

    Beginning with this election, there is going to be a tabulating machine, which is soon going to [eventually] be a statewide thing. We’ll still mark our ballots in pencil; the machine will do the counting. If there’s a question, we still have hard copy for a recount!

  4. Is the tabulating machine being used just in your town, or is it being implemented statewide?

  5. A belated congratulations and thank you from someone overseas!!

  6. The only reason I’m still voting, at all, is that not doing so feels like not brushing my teeth [though brushing my teeth still makes me feel clean, whereas playing along with the voting charade makes me feel the need for a Silkwood-style body scrub].

    Am fairly surprised that you’re so hot for Obama, however. This “Constitutional scholar” now claims to have felt “uncomfortable” with his interference in the Schiavo case, but when he was interfering, he was pure arrogance [and a HUGE dick]. Didn’t look or sound “uncomfortable,” in the least. This “anti-war” candidate threatens more war — and now refers to Ahmadinejad, Jong Il, al Quaeda, etc., as “folks?!?” I keep waiting for him to say “nukular.” He’s also been given “credit” for the $700BIL “bail-out” [of his corporate masters]. And let’s not forget that he’s cast many a vote to help continue BushCo’s invasions, occupations, and appointments. Which Constitution was he studying, anyway…it sure as hell wasn’t “ours.”

    Am guessing Obama will be installed, merely to end talk of “stolen elections.” Once he’s in, The Powers That Be can insist, “if elections were stolen, how do you explain THAT One?!?” And most of us will buy it. After he’s selected and no real “change” happens, his disciples will claim “he’s got to compromise,” and “he’s not getting the support needed” for whatever. We’ll see the kind of “change” we saw after Pelosi, Reid, et al.

    Have been saying this since Obama first threw his hat into the ring, and believe more strongly with each passing day: so-called “liberals” laughed at so-called “conservatives” who voted for Bush because he was the man with whom most wanted to share a beer. Yet Obama is no more than the man with whom most [so-called] liberals wish to share a bottle of chardonnay.

    I don’t vote absentee because I have a feeling many ballots get “lost in the mail.” And I like going to the polls to get a feel for the kinds of shenanigans being pulled. But I’ll be voting for Cynthia McKinney…

  7. I agree that Obama is far from perfect. Dennis Kucinich is more where I am on the issues; Bill Richardson comes close. But Obama gives me a modicum of hope again, and I haven’t felt that for an immensely long time.

    And frankly, there’s too much at stake in this election. I’ll vote my heart in a primary, but come the general election, I’m always a pragmatist.

    Well, almost always. When Bill Clinton ran in his reelection bid, I refused to vote for him because he had signed the Defense of Marriage Act. Instead, I voted for Ralph Nader, even though he’s really not the same Ralph Nader I remember from the ’70s and 80s. (People change, and not always for the better.) I knew he didn’t have a chance of winning, but I couldn’t vote for someone who signed a law that allows states to invalidate my very existence. I am rarely a one-issue voter, but I honestly felt I didn’t have any other choice.

  8. Kucinich is someone about whom we can agree, but that Obama “gives you hope” is surprising. Having Lieberman as his “mentor” was something Obama requested almost immediately upon being elected to his first term. He stumped for Lieberman — working against a “real democrat” — in 2006. He promised to filibuster the new FISA bill and telecom immunity, but instead voted for both. He voted for the “Patriot” Act. He voted in favor of Bush’s appointments. He’s voted for almost every spending bill which assured the continuation of our illegal invasions and occupations. He voted on behalf of the corporati re credit-card interest rates. He’s said to be the primary reason the “bailout” passed [with far more dems voting “yes” than did republicans]. And that’s the short list!

    There’s *nothing* at stake in this election! No matter who “wins,” we lose. “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Obama’s fruit is rotten to the core…

    Nothing will change until we the people [stop making excuses for the star players of “our teams” and] change. We sat on our asses through Coup 2K, shaking our fists and making threats about “next time.” We sat on our asses through Coup II, four years later, shook our fists with greater ferocity and made ever more strident threats about the next “next time.” We “prevailed” in 2006…and then sat on our asses as Pelosi and Reid, et al, sat on theirs. Why should They change?! There’s no consequence, whatsoever, for “doing us wrong.”

    Obama, should he be the annointed one, will not prosecute those who’ve committed Treason. Hell, he’s promised at least one of the worst offenders [Powell] a position in his cabinet! He won’t restore any of the rights which have been denied us over the past eight years. No defense contractor nor banker will lose money during an Obama reign.

    No president can fix what ails us. No president can fix US! We the people are, in general, in the throes of our terrible twos. When we start acting like adults, change will happen.

    No matter our differences on this issue, I’m sure we both agree that neither of our votes really “counts” [except in the sense that both of us still voted, which says something (not necessarily in our favor)]. Still kicking myself for having relented and voted for Kerry, though I knew he was “one of them,” too, I’ve steeled myself to the current round of “most important election, ever!”s. We don’t HAVE elections!

    My hope is that I live to see complete anarchy. The total absence of any form of political authority. I don’t “behave” because I’m afraid daddy will spank me if I don’t. And that my daddy lives to beat up other daddies is humiliating. Daddy must die. lol

    Another thing for which I have hope is that, IF Obama is installed, WHEN “nothing changes,” you won’t be one of those making excuses for him… 😉 muAH! Rb

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