Damn my sieve of a brain! At the end of today’s treatment, my brilliant acupuncture physician and dear friend, Jeannette Westlake, mentioned that she had read yesterday’s post and didn’t see her name mentioned.

I summoned all my linguistic prowess and said, “Huh?”

She unfolded the Sample Ballot she had just received in the mail, and showed me her name and that of her husband, J.D. Hallowell:

Now, I just skipped over that section of the ballot because I don’t live in Sebastian Inlet and I don’t, as the saying goes, have a dog in that hunt. Had I a brain that could remember important information instead of endless piles of useless trivia, I would have recalled a conversation from several months earlier where Jennie told me that she and J.D. would be on the ballot, but I hadn’t given it a thought since then.

They spelled her name wrong on the ballot, but she assures me it’s still valid.

Alas, it’s too late for me — my ballot is signed, sealed, and sent. But it’s not too late for you. If you live in my part of the world, and you see these dear friends’ names on the ballot, won’t you take a moment and cast your vote for them, and make up for my being a Bear of Very Little Brain?

I thank you, my mother thanks you, and the good people of Sebastian Inlet will thank you.

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9 thoughts on “Heartsick!

  1. indigobunting

    Oh, how utterly frustrating!

  2. The fact there are people I know running, and more than just J.D. and our acu-friend, leaves me feeling a bit funny, a bit weird and a bit happy. It took three years but I am finally getting to be a part of the community. I know folks running for Palm Bay City Council, for US Congress. Well enough that the other day I told one he was being an ass, and while I’d still vote for him, he’d better stop being assy.

    It means I am a bit closer to jumping onto an advisory board and considering other political activity. Especially now that SCHOOL HAS ENDED AND I’M A FISH. (Fish, in our house, means official. I’m not really a fish. Really, I’m not. OH GOD, I want a piece of smoked sable.)

    Lee and I voted absentee on our way back from Orlando. We stopped in Viera and did so at the Brevard Elections Office. We also like paper. Yes, it can be tossed, but pixels can be lost and, frankly, through time, no voting method has been tamper-proof.

    The last presidential election, I followed Michael Moore into the Elections Offices in Ft. Lauderdale (Broward County) and voted in the first ten minutes of early voting. I worked the polls that election day. All the while, the mayor of Ft. Lauderdale was calling Moore a terrorist through a bullhorn. That mayor has since been indicted on several charges of fraud and worse than fraud.

    As a pollworker, I saw three hundred provisional ballots thrown in the trash, mostly for Democrats, and got the lawyer involved. They were dug out.

    My mother-in-law, also a pollworker, said she saw black voters being turned away in droves.

    This election day Lee and I are driving people to the polls. I’ll start out that morning putting signs out for some of the candidates. We’re closing the office election day to work our butts off.

    And that counts. In this country, that counts. It might not be right, but if I have busted my ass for a candidate, it gets me listened to better than someone who did nothing. Then again, maybe it is right. Maybe politicians should listen to the folks (yes, I used that word — thhbbbttttt) who participate more than folks who do not.

  3. indigobunting

    Here in Vermont you can vote at the town clerk’s office in person starting 20 days before the election. I learned that when I was worried I might have to suddenly disappear because of my father’s ill health, and what if I didn’t get an absentee ballot in time, blah blah blah. My sister came over last night and said she’d already voted and had run into a neighbor there who was doing the same thing.

  4. What Adam is trying to say with his “fish” comment is that he passed his Board exam, and he is now officially a licensed massage therapist.

    Did you know he’s also a nationally certified hypnotherapist, and has a M.Ed., and an honorary Ph.D. for his work in religious tolerance?

    He can also type 55 wpm, but somehow that seems a little less impressive now.

  5. We might as well finish the synopsis. I am blind in one eye, have multiple birth defects nearly no one would notice due to my seeming uncanny ability to compensate, am profoundly cixelsyd and have more head trauma than most boxers and rarely recognize anyone by sight so, when you see me, say something as soon as you are in earshot so I don’t wonder who the friend/stranger/salesman is approaching me.

  6. And yet the DMV persists in renewing your driver’s license. You have spirits whispering in your ear, “Turn right at the next light! Slow down at this intersection!”

    Tell the story about following a curly-haired woman out of a mall into the parking lot, only to find that she wasn’t your wife. I’m surprised you weren’t maced.

    Frankly, I think that’s the only reason you hang out with me. My size is a rather significant distinguishing factor, and I’m one of the few people you can actually recognize by sight.

  7. Jennie

    But even half-blind, ADAM found our names on the ballot. . . . 😉

  8. indigobunting

    Now I’ve learned a bit about Adam.

    And Jennie made me laugh out loud.

  9. I have followed the wrong women out of the mall, tapped the wrong lady on the backside, and more than once had entire one-sided conversations with the wrong gal as well. In most cases they think I’m just talking to myself.

    I have picked up the wrong child from after-school care, too. Still, the staff would insist I get my own child from the crowd of kids. I ended that by attempting to pick up my son but instead taking to checkout a little girl who, I must figure, looked much like Alek. After that, I’d arrive and they would deliver my child to me.

    To get my license, I listened carefully to the person in front of me as she took her eye exam. I repeated what she said. I’d love to give it up but got a motorbike instead.

    I tend to find stairs visually confusing with the time-lapse echo-vision thingy going on, so I walk down stairs with my eyes closed. FAST. It tends to upset people coming the opposite way.

    And yet, I did indeed find Jeannie and J.D.’s names on the ballot.

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