Found Poetry

Email spammers often embed their links amid irrelevant and innocuous snippets of text. I learned that those snippets are grabbed at random from web pages, and then cobbled together in a disjointed manner. But sometimes there is a strange beauty to the words, especially when presented as if they were poetry, with a bit of repeating and rearranging. Here is what arrived in my morning’s email, beginning with the unedited text as I received it:

I never liked
Gracia Vaughn
because I could not
respect her.

This book, it must here
be repeated,
deals with specific
recorded facts, and
not with civilization
as it ought to have been
under the Rites of Chou.

I could not
respect her.

The Rites of Chou:
Civilization as
it ought to have been.

The Rites of Chou
respect her.

This book
must be recorded
as it ought to have been—

I never
recorded facts,
Vaughn Chou!
I never

This book—
The Rites of Gracia
Respect her!

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2 thoughts on “Found Poetry

  1. Coolness.

  2. indigo bunting


    I could not respect her.

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