Dogs in the Basement

One of my recurring nightmares involves a scenario in which there are several dogs in my care, usually one large and several smaller ones, which are kept in my basement. I suddenly realize with horror that I have forgotten to feed or let them out for days and days. (My house doesn’t have a basement in real life, and I currently don’t have any dogs.)

They have never barked or done anything to remind me they’re there; the realization just dawns on me suddenly, and I rush down to find them in various states of neglect. Sometimes they’re just really hungry and anxious (and messy); sometimes they’re doing rather poorly and need medical help; once, I remember, I found a skeleton wearing a dog collar.

Now, I am not a neglectful pet owner. The dogs I’ve had have been very well cared for, very much a part of my daily life. All would have liked go on longer and more frequent walks, but otherwise they were healthy, happy, and loved very much.

I suspect I have these dreams when I’m behind in my client work, or am feeling there are things I’m not paying proper attention to in my life; the basement symbolizes the unconscious. Last night it was a large Lab and two cute furry dogs, toy breeds, and they were excited and relieved to be let out, but were none the worse for wear. I assume they were hungry, too, but they were more excited to be let out in the back yard.

In the dream back yard, which did not resemble the back yard of anyplace I’ve ever lived, there was an old stone fireplace that could be used for barbecues. I caught a young guy stealing the last of the stones; apparently he had been dismantling the fireplace piece by piece all night long. I was more mystified than angry, and went to tell my father, who in the dream was a high-powered businessman presiding over some sort of meeting, and couldn’t be bothered with my story.

In real life, there was a stone fireplace on what I called the “secret back patio” of my childhood home. The back yard was extremely long, and bordered some woods on two sides; the sunken, multilevel patio was a glorious private playground for me, far away from the house, where my fantasies could take flight. The fireplace dominated the back of the patio, and Morning Glories grew wild over it, their lacy tendrils attempting to claim the fireplace and draw it back into the wild world of the woods.

Last night’s fireplace resembled the one in real life somewhat, though its setting was completely different. I assume that the dismantling of the fireplace, together with my father (who died in 1982) being alive and powerful and uncaring, means I need to look at some of the baggage I still carry from childhood, and unpack it piece by piece until I get to the foundation.

Or maybe it just means I shouldn’t keep dogs in the basement.

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13 thoughts on “Dogs in the Basement

  1. indigobunting

    Sadly, I have to get back to work, so instead of talking about you, I’ll talk about me. My recurring-neglect dream has to do with my college post office box still being stuffed with mail for years (um, decades now) and I keep forgetting to go get it.

    I am truly disturbed.

  2. I have that same dream. Usually I find that I’ve forgotten the combination, too.

  3. indigobunting

    Hey! That is part of it!

    Hello anxiety, my old friend…

  4. There is something in this that feels quite a bit like the writing you did a few days ago on feeling as though you were without funds, broke or otherwise unworthy of having money or spending it on yourself.

    It may not be the same, but something of it feels as though it is.

    You are so much drawn to and associate so much of yourself with dogs, I must wonder what part of you each of the dogs in the cellar represents, which part of you the skeleton is, and what it means that you have parts of you withering, underground, in the cellar.

  5. What fascinating and vivid dreams you have — and the power/knowledge/insight to interpret them.

    I often dream of dogs, but they are usually attacking me. In order to not get bit I grab their mouths and pull their jaws open wide enough to hurt the dogs, who then quit attacking me because I’ve then usually awakened.

  6. Personally speaking, the dogs in your basement will never distract me from the bats in your belfry. Nice try, though!

  7. Oh. My. GOD. Vsande, how the hell are ya?!

    I’m so proud that you’re still using my moniker for you.

    And the bats are just fine, thankyouverymuch. There’s nothing else in my belfry, so they have plenty of room to roost.

  8. Ok, this is a story I have to hear.

  9. Vsande (whom I nicknamed Reality’s Bitch) is an old friend from the big bad old Usenet newsgroup days. She’s one of the few Internet penpals I’ve met in real life, and lives (or used to live) about 1.75 hours south of here. She’s an amazing pagan creature.

  10. It turns out that, reasonably enough, people who remember things comprehensively and give attention to detail in waking life also have detailed dreams and remember them in detail. Whereas vague allusive people either don’t remember their dreams or only fleeting highlights: the latter group usually want to run from the room screaming when someone says, “I had this dream last night.”

    Not this time though.

  11. I have the same dreams about dogs in the basement and forgetting they’re there

  12. Anonymous

    Oh, I’m not the only one! I had it 2 or 3 times, this dream, with my dogs or one of them. It’s a crippling, terrible feeling of anxiety and guit…Lovely how people share the same symbolism, keeps fascinating me.

  13. SSD

    Just came to Google to Type in my dogs In basement dream. They are not my dogs and are neglected. One was a super sweet French bulldog and the other a rat terrier- also super sweet. I then realized there was a family of colorful cockatoos. – they were also neglected but pains in the ass. How can different ppl almost have the same dream? Mine ended with me waking up and I couldn’t move for a few seconds. The whole thing sucked

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