Existential Wonder

A couple of weeks ago, Adamus told me he had gotten a dog at the pound, a Lab mix named Dusty. He said I should definitely meet her. Cool with me, I adore dogs.

Yesterday he brought her over. I gasped when she walked through the front door. It was my Goldie (that’s her in the picture).

Yes, my dog who died last year.

This is Goldie in a new body. Slightly smaller, but very similar build. Identical face and smile. Darker coat. Same tail.

OK, I can cope with outward similarities and chalk it up to the breed, though Lab-Whippet mixes are surely not too common.

But when she got in, she immediately jumped up and started kissing me insistently on the mouth. Then she stopped and rolled at my feet, the way Goldie did. Then, when I was sitting down, she stood and put her paws on my shoulders and kept staring into my eyes, then nuzzled me and kissed me more. As if to say, “You remember me, don’t you?”

So many other behaviors. The way she moved around the dining room table in a particular way. The way when she met Mom, she immediately rolled her head and shoulders into her lap the way Goldie used to do. The way she kept going to the kitchen and standing at the place where we used to keep her food and water bowls.

Adamus is a Buddhist at heart. I asked him about reincarnation. He said, “I knew that when I had her home less than one day, never even having met Goldie [italics mine]. I think it was her looking at me knowingly as though she had not met me but knew me.”

When I asked how he sensed it, he said, “My constant tripping over the name Dusty and mistakenly using ‘Goldie.’ And a persistent feeling this was the dog to bring home for more than just her being a good dog. She was not just the right dog. She was/is THE dog. And then I had to bring her to see you today. HAD to. I wanted to but Lee [his wife] insisted I HAD to.”

Later I asked Mom if Dusty “seemed familiar.” She’s a die-hard traditionalist, no woo-woo Eastern beliefs for her. She said, “That was Goldie, wasn’t it? I just wanted to keep her, to send him home without her. I know it was wrong of me. It was just so wonderful having her back.”

I’m getting shivers again, just recounting the story.

So that’s been my weekend.

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9 thoughts on “Existential Wonder

  1. I can say she certainly acts like she knows you.

  2. Helen

    I hesitate to suggest this, but would Adamus be willing to give you back Goldie? I’m sure there are many more waiting to be adopted…

  3. I think Dusty is well and truly attached to Adamus now, as he is to her. I’ll stand by as an uncle, ready to dog-sit on vacations and such. And I’ll visit frequently.

    Though I admit telling him I’d be willing to take her if he should die tragically in a fiery crash because someone tampered with the brakes on his truck.

    He asked, “Do you know how to tamper with brakes?”

    “Not yet,” I answered.

  4. Oh Craig, what a tender sweet story. We adopted a golden lab who ‘found’ me when I needed to learn how to play again. He lived for about three years and then died suddenly. On a shamanic journey I watched him cross over…he took me to where all my dogs have gone. Strange as it may seem, I know Duke was the reincarnation of my first dog I had as a small child- my guardian and protector. He back into my life when I needed him…so it doesn’t surprise me Goldy found her way back home.

  5. indigo bunting

    So, why do you think Goldie chose a friend of yours?

  6. That’s a good question, and one I’ve been pondering. If I’m not ready to have a dog (more than once this year I’ve been grateful to have no additional responsibilities — taking care of Mom has been a huge job at times), it’s nice that she’s nearby and extremely well cared for (she gets tons of love, good exercise, superlative food, and doggie acupuncture). If I can’t be her daddy, I’m pleased and proud to be her uncle.

  7. Because Craig didn’t go to the pound to get her?

    I missed knowing Goldie by a few weeks. I can see Craig does not need any additional responsibilities right now so she is close by and happy and WE are happier with more exercise and a new member of the family.

    And, Helen, hesitate. Hesitate much. Then hesitate some more.

  8. Amanda Anderson

    I am such a dog lover and really liked your story. I think dogs spiritually bring people together. There have been several instances where dogs have played a direct role in my life to leading me to meet other spiritually 6th sensory people.

    I was taking daisy out to play disc golf and she ran over to meet a dog and lady I did not know. Petunia was the dogs name. (two flowers) and the woman told me of her NDE and we shared a memorable philosophic discussion.

    I am so glad you got snuggle with Goldie again!!

  9. quithappy

    Omnes mundum facimus, dude.

    I’m glad you still get to see your dog.

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